Chris Odle

Born in London, Chris has worked as a professional Psychic, Tarot reader and Astrologer since 1979, giving over 10,000 consultations. For 20 years he studied with British Astrologer Dr Geoffrey Cornelius. In May 2004 he went to the original Blue Morpho camp deep in the Peruvian Amazon, where he met Hamilton Souther, Don Alberto Torres Davila, and Don Julio Llerena Pinedo. He was formally accepted as an apprentice, and began dividing his time between Peru and England. In December 2008 he moved to Iquitos, finishing his apprenticeship and reaching the level of Maestro in February 2010. In 2014 he met Don Ricardo, a vegetalista (medicinal plant healer) of 35 years’ experience, who agreed to teach Chris everything he knew. Chris's non-fiction books include “Mix and Match Astrology”, “Practical Visualisation”, and “A Meditation guide to the Chakras”. His first novel, StarToucher, was published in February 2018.