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Shane Beresford

Shane has been a martial arts instructor for the last 25 years, using his acquired knowledge of various forms as a vehicle for healing, change, and self-discovery. These days, Shane's teachings are primarily based around the Russian martial art, Systema - a non-competitive practice with an emphasis on intentional breath, fluid movement, and body awareness. While living in Peru, he co-founded Suave Fuerza which has become Cusco’s premier martial arts school. He was also a plant medicine retreat facilitator at the Temple of the Way of Light in Iquitos - providing support to large groups of individuals going through challenging processes. A creative designer and illustrator by trade, Shane was a digital nomad before most people knew what that was, having left his home in Australia to immerse himself in the natural world and local cultures of Peru, India, Japan and beyond. His clients are reflective of his global lifestyle, located all over the world from Europe to the Americas, and fall within the wellness and lifestyle spaces that are in alignment with his own core values. He and his wife Marianne make up the design and wellness team of Shine & Humm. They blog about their journey on their website